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Beauty doesn’t always go hand in hand with fashion, sometimes setting our own style is important to look great. We want these articles to inspire you and generate good ideas for creating your own beauty.

Eye Shadows According to Skin Tone

Eye Shadows According to Skin Tone

If you are looking for eyeshadows according to skin tone you are on the right page. Whether you have light, dark, olive or slightly dark skin, you have an eyeshadows created for you. Today in …
makeup tips

The Keys to a Beautiful MakeUp

Learn the keys to makeup for a beautiful face. Perfectionist: engrave it in your memory because it is the adjective that best defines the trends of make-up right now. You will hear about naked skin …
types of body shapes

The Best Leggings for Your Body Type

Are you ready to take your legging obsession to a whole new level? Keep reading this article and you will discover which leggings will flatter your body and which ones you would be better off …
the truth about spanx

The two Faces of Spanx

Spanx’s two-faced facade has been revealed to the world – one side shows their feminist side but the reality is that they are compressing women back into this sexist society. Now they are trying to …
excellent bodysuit to match your personal style

Bodysuits – Why you have to have one

Are you ready to say goodbye to the exhausted crop-prime? In latest many years, the crop prime gained recognition simply because it assisted us to avoid a pesky, annoying dilemma of obtaining to tuck our …