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Are you drinking the majority of your calories? We often monitor what we eat and think about cutting calories by reducing the size of our meals. But the truth is that the average person drinks more calories than what they eat, without even realizing it. All of those sodas, juices and lattes can really add up and cause you to carry around a lot of excess weight. The worst part is that we do so without even realizing it! This is when Prismcups, an awesome new product with a successful kickstarter campaign, steps up to the plate (no pun intended!)

Prismcups is an intelligent cup designed to analyze when, what and how much you are drinking to help you monitor your calorie intake. Prismcups is a smart tumbler that helps you manage your health by calculating the calories, sugar, and caffeine according to the type of beverage and the amount you drink.

How Does The Prismcups Work?

 How Does The Prismcups Work?

The smart tumbler comes with an app in which you tell it the things that you drink. The Prismcup tells you the amount of sugar, caffeine and calories that you drink and helps you control how much and what you drink. It can also differentiate between different drinks by using a specialized algorithm and combining it with the information that the users provide. The app and system even connects with Alexa (Amazon Echo) who can vocally tell you what you have consumed in the day and suggests what you need to drink more of and less of.

The bottom of the Prismcups has a translucent section where it lights up with different colors to communicate with the user. If you need to drink water, Prismcups lights up Cyan. The white light comes up when tumbler is recognizing drinks. Finally, the Magenta light comes on to warn you when your health is concerned.

The Prismcups App

Prismcups has an app that you can pair it with on your phone. When you sign up, you will enter your personal body information (height, weight, etc.) then the application will have recommendations for you based on your physical characteristics, goals and daily consumption. The cup will send information to the app about the nutrients (eg. sugar, caffeine) and calories you drink for in a day and the app records the information and gives various useful metrics for tracking and setting goals.

When using the app, you can search for drinks and even define drinks from personal or little known recipes. The more you use the cup, the more the cup learns about you.

How Does Prismcups Distinguish Between Drinks?

Prismcups uses visual technology to distinguish between beverages that uses RGB color codes and light sensors to measure and sense what you are drinking. This is then paired with information that is inputted by the user in order to determine the drinks being consumed.

The company has started a database of drinks, but it will use machine learning and user input to enlarge and update the database constantly.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter is arguably the most popular crowdfunding platform out there today. Start-ups from all over can begin a campaign in order to market test their products and find funding in the form of individual orders. Prisimcups has a $20,000 goal that needs to be funded by September 22, 2017 and is over 50% funded. You can support the campaign with as little as $10 to help them reach their goal and take their product to market. However, if you want your very own Prismcup, the pledges start off at $69. The company promises distribution by September, 2018.

Are you looking for a way to control your calorie consumption and become healthier? Do you love supporting and promoting new technology? If the answer to either question is yes, then be sure to check out the Prismcups Kickstarter campaign for yourself and learn all the great features of this unique product.

Project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1898601133/prismcups-check-your-drinks-out

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