The Most Common Way to Feel Good: Weight Loss Diets

And so it is, when we feel the michelín when we sit down, we see ourselves swollen and we want to lose weight, we open the computer and we search in Google: how to lose 5 kilos in a week, how to lose weight, diets to lose weight, how to lose fast weight, I cannot lose weight…. And a long etcetera of useless searches for what we are really looking for: to be healthy and in shape, to stay thin and, above all, to feel good with ourselves.

Beyond what many nutrition purists say, getting thin doesn’t just depend on a minimum calorie intake, diets for weight loss and exercise. It’s not about eating more pineapple, drinking more water or going for a run every morning. It is about achieving a balanced set of actions: eating a balanced and personalized diet, knowing how and when to compensate after the excesses (human and necessary), activating our body with a minimum of daily activity and caring for our mind by learning to manage our emotions.

When you feel calm and balanced, food is not a problem and your stomach is not an inch too big, is it?

weight loss diets

We are hearing more and more cases of illness or physical phenomena that occur because we forget to manage our emotions and leave aside emotional intelligence. The same goes for some cases of overweight. I’m sure you’ve heard it before: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I eat well, I play sports, I’m always bloated and I can’t lose weight. This phrase, with which some of you will identify, is more usual than many people think. It is not a question of deciding whether to eat ice cream or whether to mix this ingredient with this other one will make me look like the fashion model, it is a question of self-knowledge, acceptance and self-management. When you feel calm and balanced, food is not a problem and your stomach is not an inch too big, is it?

Stop looking for weight loss diets to be happy

Ask yourself, How do you see yourself in the mirror, Do you really see yourself, How do you relate to your body, Do you have a scar or “mark of war”, Do you recognize yourself, Do you accept the person in front of you? All these issues are what will give you the clues to achieve your goal: to be healthy, slim, stay at your weight and have high self-esteem. No one said the road was going to be easy, but there are methods that can help you get there, this time for good. If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable with yourself and want to stop feeling guilty, seek help. Nutritional coaching guides, accompanies and teaches you to get to know, accept and love yourself through different techniques such as mindfulness or NLP. The search for quick solutions to much deeper problems than losing those 5 extra pounds with weight loss diets will undoubtedly lead to frustration again. I encourage you to introduce coaching in your life, to go further, to discover and improve yourself.

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