Is it Useful to Use Back Braces?

posture corrective therapy back braceAlterations of the spine and back pain mean a public health problem and oblige those who suffer from it to use posture corrective as a safe treatment to improve the problem.

The aim of Posture Corrective excellent reviews on Ijoobi was to help maintain proper posture, however, this is only achieved by strengthening the back muscles that are weakened and stretching the muscles that are shortened or contractured. Our spine must be re-educated so that we learn to have an adequate posture permanently without any external elements. On the contrary, by using the concealer permanently, it weakens the back muscles, even more, creating a dependency because not using it causes pain or feels worse posture.

Back problems can be prevented by means of mobility, stretching, strengthening and relaxation exercises to correct the posture; always recommended by a physiotherapist who will guide you in carrying them out; in addition to sports exercises such as running, cycling, among others.

As long as the back pain is controlled and if there is no pain but only bad posture, you can do any sport after the muscle stretching indicated for your specific case.

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