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A plan to take advantage of rest days and lose weight. Tips to avoid overeating in your spare time, healthy outdoor dining tips and tips to prepare a healthy, low-calorie meal ideal for taking to the pool or beach.

December is a month of excesses, and if we also take vacations in January it seems that there will be no way to reverse the results of so many meetings, toasts and lunches out of hour. The purpose of this plan is not to add more kilos on vacation, so we propose organization.

Vacation diet: enjoy without gaining weight


Our bedside nutritionist gives us the keys to learning how to buy take away, make a good order in a restaurant and even prepare a healthy sandwich to enjoy the outdoors. Not fattening on vacation is possible!

First thing in the morning.

Between 9 and 11 am I doing some outdoor activity, but don’t go fasting!

  • Drink water during the activity.
  • When you’re done, don’t get in the sun because it won’t do your skin or your health any good.
  • Prepare a snack to calm your appetite at the time and to be a lunch moderator that you will probably do in a couple of hours.
  • Add cold drinks without calories, water, soda or green tea with sweetener, flavored waters 0% calories.


1 plate of fruits containing one citrus fruit (1 grapefruit, 1 orange, 2 kiwifruit or 1 cup strawberries) + 1 seasonal fruit (1 pear, 1 peach, 1 apple, 1 small banana, 2 black plums or? cup melon cubes).

1 or 2 cups sugar-free infusion (soft coffee, plain tea or green tea, maté in light bulb or cooked mate).



  1. SUPER SALAD: It must have a variety of green leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot or grated raw carrot. Also purple cabbage, green or red chili and purple onion. You can add a touch of palm hearts or mushrooms. Always add a protein:? can of tuna to the water or a boiled egg, or cubes of cooked ham or two boiled light sausages. As a dressing: one tablespoon of oil or two spoonfuls of light mayonnaise, lemon or vinegar and seasonings (oregano, provenzal, mixed with ground chili).
  2. SANDWICH: I chose two thin slices, but elongated from a whole grain or Arabic bread. As a filling, lots of vegetables (leaf, tomato, cucumber and pickles). A protein option: natural tuna + chopped hard-boiled egg, pastrón or cooked natural ham, baked loin, turkey white, kani kama sticks or pieces of boiled chicken breast. No dressing.
  3. MEAL BY WEIGHT: Assemble a small tray. Try to choose cooked vegetables and avoid processed preparations that may have a lot of oil or fried foods. Do not choose breadcrumbs wrappers or dough preparations. Broccoli, baked beans and beets. Squashes, aubergines and thin slices of pumpkin, grilled. Among the proteins, I chose an option: cubes of tofu or vegetable meat, boiled squid rings with garlic and parsley, hard boiled egg whites, kani kama sticks or mozzarella bocconcinos. As a dressing, a tablespoon of olive oil and plenty of lemon juice.

Tips for lunch

  • Drink sparkling or non-carbonated water.
  • If you feel like finishing your lunch with a sweet flavor, choose: a light gelatine (you can buy it ready), a glass of light soda or zero calorie soft drink or two sugar-free fruit candies.


  1. Oat pads (20 units) that don’t have candy filling
  2. Rice crackers (3 units)
  3. Light cereal bars (2 units)
  4. Rice and seed snacks (2 units)


  • When you return to the beach, you usually put together the mate wheel, chat with friends and temptations: everyone invites you with invoices, puddings, pastries… Before joining the group eat a firm fruit (apple).
  • Drink bitter mate or cold or lukewarm green tea or coffee ready to drink.
  • Always have a bottle of water handy. You can drink 0% calorie flavored aerated waters or non-calorie herbal drinks with soda and ice and lemon juice.
  • Also bring your own snacks (see snack options). xDon’t stop doing physical activity: You can swim or play volleyball, paddle, bike or walk when the sun goes down.


  • Option 1:0% fat yogurt, but high in protein.
  • Option 2:1 glass of fruit milk (may be lactose-free milk mixed with juices).
  • Option 3:2 tablespoons of cold skim ricotta with a touch of sweetener and cinnamon.
  • Option 4: light cappuccino.


  1. CHICKEN: boneless and grilled thigh with salad of chauchas, onion and tomato. Or grilled breast with spinach and mushroom salad. Or chicken wok with vegetables (you can bring some almonds or cashews).
  2. FISH OR SHELLFISH: grilled squid with grilled vegetables. Or a casserole of seafood to share. Or grilled fish with steamed green leaves and salad of grated carrots and corn kernels.
  3. MEAT: a minibife of chorizo or grilled quadril, always with vegetable garnish. Or meat or shrimp brochette with vegetable salad. Or two slices of baked or grilled pork carré slices with salad or grilled vegetables.
  4. EGG: spinach or zucchini omelette and a tomato split in the middle. Or a scrambled egg with tomato and chili and garnished with cooked green vegetables (brócoli or spinach).

Tips for eating out

  • Avoid pizzerias and treatments. The ideal: grills, seafood shops, restaurants with good cuisine. Begin by moving the bread basket away.
  • If the food takes too long, I ordered a fresh salad or a pickles bite.
  • Rescat a unique dish with ingredients that allow you to control calories (see dining options).
  • Control the dressings: little oil and lemon or vinegar.
  • Beverages: ideally continue with sparkling water, also a 0% calorie drink or lemonade water.
  • Desserts: preferably fruit or a mini bowl of ice cream.
  • You can complete with a coffee.

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